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juli 17, 2013 / skjevikhuset

Yarn yarn yarn and more yarn… along

Knitting at the same sweater as last time. I think it is nice, so far! However, knitting with two strands of new zealand lambswool, so so soft!! Recommend this yarn from
Reading not much at summer, but this book, oh, I love it! It is about to live more self- sufficient. Recommended this too, but it is only on danish, I guess. At you can take a look.


My next project is with this lovely soft pink Holst yarn, in cotton and wool! So soft and tender! Dont know what to knit yet, but it is an luxury problem. Any tip? Cardigan?


Those lovely roses is a gift from a friend of us! Beautiful! Have an nice week!
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Ginny to day, as usualy 🙂
I am on instagram as @fruskjevik if you want to follow me.

  1. mistea / jul 20 2013 6:07 am

    Nice sweater. Lambswool will be lovely and warm. Pretty pinks for your new project.
    Enjoy the reading.

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